Austin is one of those festival cities.  You know, where most of your favorite musicians and bands show up to a play a 3 day festival and everyone and their Mom's dog shows up from all over the globe to see them play.  Most of the locals have accepted their city's festival fate by either participating, ignoring, or leaving town.

This last Friday, I went to go see KUTx's Live at the Four Seasons ACL showcase.  With local names like Lincoln Durham, Gina Chavez, Walker Lukens & The Sidearms, and Israel Nash, it was definately something I did not want to miss. Aside from the amazing music, can we talk about the grounds of the Four Seasons hotel?  It's beautiful with its lake front lot and hammocks spread about. There was such lush flora and fauna, the kiddos and adults alike were climbing trees and spread out on the lawn. I could see how it was a first pick venue. 

$10 dollars bought me my admission, copious amounts of coffee, a breakfast taco, a granola bar, time spent with good friends, and a front seat to some awesome music. Did I mention that all of the proceeds go to the Seton Shivers Cancer Center? Best $10 spent, ever.